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    Rudy Hernando passed away in December.

    The NSMTA established, in 2019, trophies for the opening doubles-only tournament of the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix. While I was thrilled to have been named as one of the seven honorees, I was surprised on January 8 (finals day of the 2023 event) to learn that the trophies had been recalled from Florida and were no longer being presented. Our drive from Sarasota turned out to be  a disappointing trip as there was no trophy to present to 70's winners James Axford and Patrick Bologna.

    Approvals of Grass Court Nationals just isn't happening -- and several others are also in limbo.

    Major Championship Results

    2023 Level 1 Champions

    2023 Level 1 & World Championship Results

    2023 Level 2 & 3 Winners

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