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    Preparations continue for integrating all the content of in Lifetime subscribers will continue to have access to all content through 2023 at which time membership in will be required. I'll continue to build all 21 schedules and record results of national tournaments for as long as possible.

    From Steve Duffel, NSMTA President: "Over the next few months, the NSMTA website will be going through a transformation. The initial phase of the transformation includes updating the presentation experience and information for the USTA tournament listings and historical information. The initial change that you will notice in the next couple of weeks is the merger of the and websites.

    "We are quite excited that Alan Messer, the creator and administrator of the venerable site is working with Ed Wagner, NSMTA Board member, to fold Alan’s website into ours. After this initial change, there will be continuous updates that unite the look and feel of the two websites into a single cohesive digital experience. As changes are planned, we will be sharing this information with our members."

    There's a terrific NYTimes article pointing out the success of Arthur Ashe's willingness to compete in apartheid South Africa and contrasting it to the LIV golfers avarice.

    The daily search for unapproved Level 1 tournaments (Savannah, Virginia Beach, Peachtree City & Weston) continues as does the search for Level 3's (Oak Bluff & Phoenix). Sectional schedules can be considered complete -- aside from future subscriber discoveries.

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