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    Two of our three World Senior Teams are World Champions. Congratulations to the Men's 55s (Chambers, Hernandez, Motevassel, Stoner) and the Men's 60s (Moss, Saiki, Saviano, Tammen) for bring home gold.

    A number of USA players won top Individual honors: Mark Vines (65d), Len Wofford & Paul Wulf (70d), Geoff Moore (75s), Fred Drilling (80s & 80d with Mike Stewart), King Van Nostrand (85s), and George McCabe (90s & 90d with Saul Snyder).

    Congratulations to our five World Super Senior Teams for their outstanding performance in Palm Beach County FL. Our teams in the 70, 80 & 85 divisions won outright while the 65 and 75 teams lost in the finals (to Australia and Spain, respectively).

    The ITF has devised a World Tennis Number  that appears to provide ranking information comparable to (in competition with?) the privately-owned Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

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