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    Rumor: the Adult Competition Committee is giving serious consideration to discontinuing all the Indoor Nationals.

    Alert! The USTA has "reclassified the remaining Super Category 2, Category 2 and Category 3 National Tournaments as Designated Open Sectional Championships... [with] National Category 2 point allocation[s]."

    Suspension of any sectional event will be at the discretion of its USTA Section and local health authorities.

    World Super Senior Teams, Mallorca Spain, Oct 11-16
    Div Rank USA Team Members
    65 Christopher Bennett, David Sivertson, Geoffrey Cykman (C), Paul Wulf
     70 Bob Litwin, Brian Cheney (C), Larry Turville, Padg Bolton
    75 David Dollins, Don Long, Jimmy Parker (C), John Popplewell
    80 Wilbur Jones, Bob Quall (C), Lester Sack, William Wolff
    85 Gordon Hammes, George McCabe (C), John Powless, King Van Nostrand

    Ken Thomas of Radio Tennis will be conducting two daily series of ten "Pandemic Interview Sessions" beginning June 8 and July 13. Guests will include Billy Martin, Hank Pfister, Eliot Teltscher, Robert Lansdorp, Vic Amaya and others. All sessions begin at 1:00pm PDT (4:00pm EDT).

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