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    The three same-gender nationals were barely alive in 2018 and appear dead this year. Only the hard court event in Rancho Mirage was contested last year and this year's event appears to have been aborted. All three have been removed from the 2019 Family schedule as this misbegotten USTA inclusiveness initiative was, in effect, DOA.

    World Championships (Teams followed by Individuals) will be held late this year in August (Seniors), September (Super-Seniors), and October (Young Seniors).  They're all listed on the Cat I schedule.

    Florida Grand Prix (SSGP) Point Standings

    Efforts continue to replace the Morristown NJ Cat II — late in the season though it may be.

2019 Major Championship Results

2019 Category I Champions

2019 Cat I & World Championship Results

2019 Category II Winners

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