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    Sorry but, aside from a well-organized New England section, there's been nothing approved yet for 2020 (I check daily). There is a single exception: the 65 Hard Court Cat I.

    The World Super Senior Individual Championships  (65-85) are complete. Congratulations to Dean Corley & Mike Stewart for winning a narrow 10-8 match tiebreak to capture the 75 doubles title over Don Long & Jimmy Parker. Kudos also to the King (Van Nostrand) for doubling up in the 85 singles and doubles losing only a total of 17 games (and no sets)! (John Powless was along for the ride in doubles.) Hats off also to Herman Ahlers/Wilbur Jones and George McCabe/Joe Russell as finalists in the 80 and 85 doubles, respectively.

2019 World Team Championships

Div                                     Team Members
        Young Seniors, Miami Beach FL, Oct 20-25
  35Brandon Blankenbaker, Quinn Borchard, Matt Hane (C), Jonathas Sucupira
  40Paulo Barros, Stuart Duncan (C), Chris Groer, Michael Halperin
  45Michael Chang, Neel Grover (C), Art Hernandez, Raj Vaswani

2019 Major Championship Results

2019 Category I Champions

2019 Cat I & World Championship Results

2019 Category II Winners

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