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    Alert! Using a VPN will prevent access to tournaments held in 2021 and later as the USTA has begun to use the services of a web security company named Cloudflare. Cloudflare Error 1020 is the result of trying to access any 2021 (and later) tournament while a VPN is active. Tournaments from the TennisLink era (2020 and before) are not affected.

    Can't constrain myself from bragging about daughter Diana Messer-Kruse's triumph in her 55-59 age group at the Musselman 70.3 mile half-Ironman. Happened in Geneva NY on July 11.

    Click here for an improved look at Current Standings (permanently available on the Players menu). Comments are encouraged via either email or text Sectional standings can be accessed using the dropdown underneath the Publish Date.

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