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    Click here for the Florida Grand Prix point standings thru March 18.  Only the Broken Sound tournament (March 26 - April 1) remains.

    Click here to apply for the Super Seniors (65-85) Team Championship to be held in Umag Croatia from September 16-22. The deadline is April 1.

    The Morristown Cat II has been renamed the Bob Klein Super Senior Championships in honor of its late founder who died on January 22, 2018 at age 96.

    Click here to read the obituary of Mary Ewing Outerbridge, the woman who brought tennis to the USA (from Bermuda) in 1874.

    Subscriber Ralph Grieco takes hundreds of photos each year at a dozen or more tournaments  ̶  and I'm delighted to link to most of them in the Cat I & II results below. Click here to browse (or purchase) some of Ralph's work.

    Davis Cup changes are in the works as the ITF seeks to regain its standing (and revenue stream) by proposing a single-week event consisting of six round-robin divisions of three four-member teams each.  Six division winners + the two strongest runners-up would qualify for the quarter-finals to be played over the final three days  ̶  probably in Asia. All team matches would consist of two singles & one doubles (all best of 3! sets). It's far from decided so stay tuned.

    Department of old editorials. Beginning doubles play on day one hasn't caught on  ̶  despite the travel benefits offered for destination tournaments (like Cat I's & II's). Reasons: players like to play, day one byes are common, and it's considerably easier to re-schedule an end-of-tournament flight home. So Tournament Directors could (should?) encourage players to register without a partner (with refunds given, of course) to facilitate day one doubles play. Then there's the defribillators vs. the paid "physiotherapist/athletic trainer" issue (as the ITF would have mandated had the committee handed over our tournaments back in 2010-2011).

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