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Best Practices for Players

  • Use of the Internet

    Use the Internet! It streamlines tournament administration, minimizes mailings and telephone calls and minimizes the possibility of errors.

  • General Practices for Players

    Keep your USTA membership and your address, telephone and email information current. Click here to do that.

    "Bookmark" and use us for all your tournament needs.

    Keep a record of the USTA Numbers of your regular tournament partners.

  • Before a Tournament

    Use TennisLink to register for tournaments.  (Internet credit card processing is ultra secure more so than handing a credit card to a waiter in a restaurant).

    When registering, enter your email address and telephone numbers and register for doubles even if you don't have a partner.  If you do,  enter your partner's USTA number.

    Review the provisional seeds 1-3 days before the entry deadline and report oversights to the Tournament Director.

    Get your initial starting times from the draw sheets published on the Internet.

  • Using Online Draw Sheets During a Tournament

    Re-check scheduled times for changes resulting from rain delays.

    Find the time of your initial consolation matches.

  • After a Tournament

    Don't bother to keep a record of your tournament results. The USTA does it for us!  Click here to access the most current standings and choose the appropriate division.

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