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Guidelines for Seeding

  • USTA "All Factors" Principles

    The USTA has traditionally used the "all factors" method of seeding.  It gives heaviest weight to head-to-head matches and to indirect results thus a close loss to a strong player could weigh more heavily than a win over a lesser player.

    PPR standings alone should not determine seeds as experience has clearly demonstrated that points  are a poor predictor of outcomes.  (It's not uncommon for lesser players to earn  more  points from frequent play than world champions who play fewer tournaments.)

  • General Approach

    Use standings as a starting point then "drill down" to individual player records to review specific wins and losses without regard to points.

    Give consideration to players "moving up" from a younger age category and to strong players who haven't played recently;

    "Eligible" players appear as the default, but "ineligibles" (those who've not played enough nationals) should also be considered;

    Doubles standings are prepared both for teams (preferable) and individuals (use ― with judgment ― for teams without a record);

    Rely on the National 12-Month Rolling Standings List solely as they list every match.

  • Maximum Number of Seeds

    Effective January 1, 2012 the maximum number of seeds permitted is as follows:

    97-128 players: 32 seeds

    33-96 players: 16 seeds

    17-32 players: 8 seeds

    9-16 players: 4 seeds

    3-8 players: 2 seeds

  • Specifics

    Here's how to find any player's record using this web site:

    Click here to display the current National Standings;

    Use the appropriate 12-Month Rolling Standings List;

    Click on the player/team name to view their complete record;

    Review records for ineligible players too (Use the Show dropdown in the upper left);

  • Outside Assistance

    Strengthen your seeding by getting reliable outside advice. Here are good practices that Category I Nationals must observe:

    Consult the appropriate Seeding Assistants for your age divisions.  They are knowledgeable and available for advice;

    Discuss the seeds with some of the stronger players before posting them;

    Post the seeds a few days before the draw to give players a chance to point out oversights;

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