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Special Recognition for 2022

With respect to World Team Championships, none of the Young Seniors (35-45) or Seniors (50-60) contended for championships.

The following players won World Individual Championships: Mark Vines (65d), Leonard Wofford/Paul Wulf (70d), Geoff Moore (75s), Fred Drilling (80s), George McCabe (90s) and George McCabe/Saul Snyder (90d).

The following teams won their World Championships: Jeffrey Chambers, Art Hernandez, Oren Motevassel, John Saviano (55) & Bill Moss, Stuart Saiki, Ralph Saviano, Michael Tammen (60) & Bob Litwin, Marc Mazo, David Sivertson, Paul Wulf (70).

Mark Vines won three national championships in the 65 singles division while Michael Tammen won all four doubles titles in the the 60's division (three with Mike Fedderly).

In the Alltime National Winners, Jimmy Parker extended his insurmountable overall lead even though he's no threat to Bob Sherman's astonishing number of 95 singles wins.

On a personal note, the death of Jim Nelson has deprived us of the developer of the alltime numbers and the tedious work required. Rest in peace, Jim, for all the fine work you did -- and for your friendship.

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