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Special Recognition for 2021 Achievement

  • Regular tournament play resumed with Indoor National Championships eliminated as gold ball events -- thus creating a quandry for exactly what qualifies as a gold slam.

    It will be the policy of this site, in fairness to past gold slam winners, to accord gold slam honors only to winners of all four events: clay, grass, hard and indoor -- even though indoor tournament winners are no longer awarded gold balls.

    With respect to World Team Championships, none of the Young Seniors (35-45) or Seniors (50-60) contended and the Super Seniors (65-85) were withdrawn by the USTA.

    The following players won World Individual Championships: R. Thomas Coulton/Anders Jarryd (55d), Mike Fedderly/Mike Tammen (60d), Dan Waldman (65s), Doug Ditmer/Daniel Grossman (65d), Dean Corley/Donna Fales (75x),

    Two players won swept the three national championships in their division: Oren Motevassel (50s) and Michael Beautyman (75s).

    It's worth noting that all-time gold ball leader, Jimmy Parker, got a knee replacement and was out of action until the father-son clay court nationals (finalist) in mid-November.

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