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Special Recognition for 2018 Achievement

  • Wow! Jimmy Parker added nine (9!) gold balls to his record with a gold slam in 75 singles, two more in 75 doubles (with longtime partner Ken Robinson), another two more in father-son competition and still one more in Mixed 70 doubles (with Kathy Bennett). It's hard to imagine how this all-time gold ball total (140 and counting) could ever be surpassed.

    Oren Motevassel gold slammed in 50 singles while Mark Vines won three of four in both 60 singles and 60 doubles (in addition to a singles World Championship). Leo Young won three 55 doubles and another in 55 singles. The team of Neel Grover and Arthur Hernandez won three 45 doubles titles.

    The USA men captured three of the eleven available World Super-Seniors Team Championships. Congratulations to those players:

    60s: Maxime Buyckx, Wesley Cash, Ross Persons, Mark Vines

    65s: David Sivertson, Tom Smith, Leonard Wofford, Paul Wulf

    85s: George McCabe, Chuck Nelson, Joe Russell, Saul Snyder

    USA men fared less well in the World Senior Individual Championships winning just two outright (Mark Vines in the 60 singles and the team of George McCabe & Joe Russell in 85 doubles) and sharing two others (Dan Grossman in 65 doubles with an Australian partner and R. Thomas Coulton in 55 doubles with Anders Jarryd).

    Praise to Toby Crabel for his financial support of Cat I's in (his own) 60s age division in addition to funding its year-ending Masters event on the grass courts in Rancho Mirage. Lucky guys, those 60s players for the past three years. 

    Praise too for the National Senior Men's Tennis Association and its establishment of perpetual, named trophies for its January Cat III Florida doubles tournament. They've found a way to put some of their Founding Members revenue to good use.

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