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2014 Northern California Tournament Schedule

2013 Northern California Rankings

2014 Northern California Standings

Men's Senior Divisions

Location Dates Events Surface
Stockton CA Feb 1-2, 8-9 M(35-85)sd Hard
Sacramento CA Feb 28 - Mar 2 M(35-80)sd Hard
Salinas CA Mar 7-9 M(35-75)s Hard
Piedmont CA May 14-18 M(35-85)s
Berkeley CA  (Cat II) May 21-26 M(35-85)sd Hard
Mill Valley CA  (Cat II) Jun 11-15 M(35-70)sd Hard
Salinas CA Jul 5-6, 12-13 M(35-85)s
Palo Alto CA Aug 18-24 M(45-90)sd Hard
Truckee CA Sep 26-28 M(40,50,60,70)sd Hard
Lafayette CA Oct 10-12 M(60-85)sd Hard
Lafayette CA Nov 5-9 M(35-85)sd Hard
Salinas CA Nov 15-16 M(35-80)sd Hard
Lafayette CA Dec 12-14 M(45-70)sd Hard

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