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2013 New England Tournament Schedule

2012 New England Rankings

2013 New England Standings

Men's Senior Divisions

NESTF Senior Tennis Schedule

Tournaments beginning in April June July September

Location Dates Events Surface
Haverhill MA Jan 5-6 M(35)sd Indoor
Bloomfield CT Jan 19-20 M(50,60,70)sd Indoor
Torrington CT Jan 19-20 M(35)sd Indoor
Torrington CT Feb 16-17 M(35,45,50,60,65)s
Portland ME Mar 8-10 M(55)s Indoor
Bloomfield CT Mar 9-10 M(45)d
Indoor Clay
Indoor Clay
East Hartford CT Mar 15-17 M(35,45-55,65)s Indoor
Waterbury CT Mar 16-17 M(45,55)sd Indoor
N. Easton MA Mar 23-24 M(60,70)sd Indoor Clay
Torrington CT Mar 23-24 M(45,55)sd Indoor
Portland ME Apr 12-14 M(45,55)s Indoor
Torrington CT Apr 13-14 M(45,55)sd Hard
Natick MA Apr 29 - May 1 M(70-85)sd Indoor
Weston MA May 7-10 M(70-85)sd Clay
East Hartford CT May 11-12 M(45-55)s Indoor
Paxton MA May 11-12 M(45-65)sd Clay
New Britain CT May 18 M(50-90)sd Hard
West Haven CT May 18-19 M(35,45-60,70)s
Beverly MA May 25-27 M(60,70,80,85)sd Clay
New London CT May 25-26 M(35,45,55)s
Portland ME May 31 - Jun 2 M(45,55)s Hard
Waterbury CT Jun 1-2 M(35,45,55)s
Westport CT Jun 1-2 M(35)sd Clay
West Haven CT (Cat II) Jun 6-9 M(50,60,70)sd Hard
West Haven CT Jun 6-9 M(55,65,75-90)sd Hard
Brunswick ME  (Cat I) Jun 7-13 M(35)sd Indoor
Westport CT Jun 8-9 M(45)sd Clay
Quincy MA Jun 12-15 M(65-70)sd Clay
Beverly MA Jun 14-16 M(45,55)sd Clay
Marlboro MA Jun 15-16 M(35,50)sd Hard
Lincoln NH Jun 18-20 M(65-90)sd Clay
Worcester MA Jun 21-23 M(55,65)sd Clay
Danbury CT Jun 22-23 M(35,50,60)s Hard
Longmeadow MA Jun 27-30 M(65-90)sd Clay
Litchfield CT Jun 29-30 M(35,45-55)s Hard
Concord MA Jul 11-14 M(60,70)sd Clay
Weston MA Jul 12-14 M(45)s Clay
Worcester MA Jul 12-14 M(35,50)sd Clay
Stamford CT Jul 19-21 M(35,45-55)s Hard
Stamford VT Jul 19-21 M(60-85)sd Clay
Wayland MA Jul 19-21 M(35)sd Hard
Framingham MA Jul 20-21 M(55)d Clay
Lincoln NH Jul 20-21 M(45)sd Clay
West Hartford CT Jul 25-28 M(55,65-80)sd Clay
Torrington CT Jul 27-28 M(45)sd Hard
Smithfield RI Aug 3-4 M(35,45,55,70)s Hard
Beverly MA Aug 8-11 M(60-90)sd Clay
Concord MA Aug 9-11 M(50,55)sd Clay
Lakeville MA Aug 10-11 M(35,55)sd Clay
Green Farms CT Aug 17-18 M(35,45-55,65)s
Cotuit MA Aug 23-25 M(60-85)sd Clay
Torrington CT Aug 24-25 M(45,55)sd Hard
Chestnut Hill MA (Cat I) Aug 25-30 M(85,90)sd Grass
Newport RI Sep 9-12 M(50-90)sd Grass
Portland ME Sep 13-15 M(45,55,60)s Hard
East Hartford CT Sep 14-15 M(45,55)sd Hard
Chatham MA Sep 20-22 M(60-70)d Clay
Lincoln NH Sep 20-22 M(65-80)sd Clay
New Milford CT Sep 21-22 M(55)s Clay
Madison CT Sep 28-29 M(50,55,65)sd Clay
East Hartford CT Oct 5-6 M(35,45-60)s
Portland ME Oct 19-20 M(35,45,60)s Indoor
Torrington CT Oct 25-27 M(35.45,55,70)s Indoor
Nashua NH Oct 26-27 M(50,60,65)sd Indoor
Torrington CT Nov 2-3 M(50,60)sd Indoor
East Hartford CT Nov 9-10 M(35,45-55)s
Bloomfield CT Nov 16-17 M(65,75,80)sd Indoor
Torrington CT Nov 16-17 M(45,55)sd Indoor
Torrington CT Nov 30 - Dec 1 M(45-55)s Indoor
Torrington CT Dec 14-15 M(45,55)sd Indoor
East Hartford CT Dec 21-22 M(35,45-60)s
East Hartford CT Dec 28-29 M(35,45-55)s Indoor

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