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    Hats off to Fred Drilling for partnering Dick Emmert in the 75 doubles at the Naples Cat II next week. Dick is in his first year in the 90s!

    Thrilled and honored am I to be included with tennis greats Ron Holmberg (55), Toby Crabel (60), Steve Solomon (65), George Wachtel (75), Clem Hopp (80) & John Powless (85). Our names will appear on the perpetual trophies to be awarded on Jan. 12 to the winners of the NSMTA-sponsored Cat III in Naples FL.

    NSMTA honorees (Turville, Hopp, Wachtel, Messer, Holmberg, Parker)     NSMTA 70s winners

    Arrests in Spain are indicators of the persistence of match-fixing and the near-impossibility of preventing it.

    Of the four national schedules, only the Winter Series is complete. It's hard to understand how nine (9!) nationals await approval (4 Cat I's, 1 Cat II & 4 Family 3 Family). A full review of all 17 sectional schedules is complete (Jan. 16) and one more will be conducted in February.

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