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    As reported here earlier as a possibility, 71% of the 210 ITF member nations have approved the one-week, 18-nation Davis Cup format consisting of two singles and one doubles playing best-of-three-set matches. The inaugural competition will be held November 18-24, 2019 in either Madrid or Lille France assured by the financial support of a 25-year agreement with BNP Paribas. Click here for the link.

    The future of the Morristown NJ Cat II is in doubt as changing club demographics are having an effect on plans for the future. Knowledge of tournament founder Bob Klein (a personal hero of mine) and his many contributions are unknown to younger members so the tournament renamed in his memory early this year may die an unremarked death.

    Click here to familiarize yourself with the Universal Tennis Rating  ̶  a well-designed method that incorporates the strength of your opponents into your results. Free accounts are available for signup to initiate inclusion of your results into the UTR database. It's becoming important as Cat I's & II's have begun using UTR in all-factors seeding and early results are positive. A permanent link to UTR is available on the Players menu.

    World Teams
    Div USA Team Members
      Umag Croatia, Sep 16-22
    65 David Sivertson, Tom Smith, Leonard Wofford, Paul Wulf (C)
    70 Brent Abel (C), Don Clark, Laury Hammel, Geoffrey Moore
    75 Fred Drilling, Don Long, Jimmy Parker (C), Michael Stewart
    80 Lloyd Goldwater, JB Hayes, Lester Sack (C), Kaz Saito
    85 George McCabe (C), Chuck Nelson, Joe Russell, Saul Snyder
      Miami Florida, Oct 21-26
    35 Brandon Blakenbarker, Matthew Hane, Anthony Perkins (C), Jonathas Sucupira
    40 Stuart Duncan (C), Chris Groer, David McNamara, Samuel Schroerlucke
    45 Michael Chang (C), Neel Grover, Sean Straley, Jason Wilks

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