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  • Composition of the Super Senior Men's Teams for the October 8-13 World Team Championships at the new USTA facility in Lake Nona FL have been announced (why so soon?):

    65s: David Sivertson, Larry Turville (C), Leonard Wofford, Paul Wulf

    70s: Michael Beautyman, Les Buck, Jimmy Parker, Jody Rush (C)

    75s: Joe Bachmann (C), Fred Drilling, Rudy Hernando, Leland Housman

    80s: Gordon Hammes, J.B. Hayes, Lester Sack (C), King Van Nostrand

    85s: Clem Hopp, George McCabe, John Powless (C), Joe Russell

    Makeup of the Senior Teams to be competed in Miami from October 29 to November 3 have also been unnecessarily announced many months in advance:

    50s: Arthur Hernandez (C), Young Kwon, Rick Leach, Andrew Stoner

    55s: Mill Moss, Stuart Saiki, Michael Tammen (C), Ken White

    60s: Maxime Buyckx, Sal Castillo, Ross Persons (C), Mark Vines

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