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2014 Category I National Championships

2013 Family Rankings

2014 Family Standings

Men's Family Events

Location Dates Events Surface
Rancho Mirage CA Jan 25 - Feb 2 X(50,60)d Hard
Rancho Mirage CA Mar 2-8 HWC(100,120,140)d Grass
So. Barrington IL Mar 14-16 FD(O,S,SS)d Indoor
Cherry Hill NJ Apr 4-6 FS(O,S,SS)d Indoor
Charlotte NC Apr 28 - May 2 HWC(100,120,140)d Clay
Kansas City MO May 2-4 HW(d) Hard
San Diego CA May 30 - Jun 1 FD(O,S,SS,U)d Hard
Claremont CA Jun 6-8 FS(S,SS,U)d Hard
Chestnut Hill MA Jul 14-16 FS(O)d
Cincinnati OH Jul 18-20 FS(O)d Clay
Chestnut Hill MA Aug 3-5 FD(O,S,SS)d Grass
Seattle WA Aug 18-23 MXD(60)d Indoor
Locust Valley NY Sep 3-5 FS(S,SS,U)d Grass
Johns Island SC Oct 1-6 X(40,50,60)d Clay
Amelia Island FL Oct 4-6 HW(d) Clay
Jupiter FL Nov 7-9 FD(O,S,SS,U)d Clay
Palm Desert CA Nov 16-20 HWC(100,120,140)d Hard
Sarasota FL Nov 19-23 FS(S,SS)d Clay
La Jolla CA  Dec 1-7 X(40)d
Charlottesville VA Dec 10-14 HWC(100,120,140)d Indoor

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