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Improve your Tournament's Web Site

  • The day appears to be coming when most tournament administration will be done on the Internet ― without mailings or telephone calls. Here is a straightforward method of providing all relevant information about your event on its USTA web page.

    Use the Tournament Messages section on the General tab of the Online Sanction Form to create a series of paragraphs.  Tournament Directors can logon to their USTA accounts and then click on the My Tournaments link under the Administration heading in the right-hand column.

    Each Headline is displayed in bold as a caption to the message that follows.

    Use Headlines such as "General", "Conditions", "Consolations", "Awards", "Facilities", "Driving Directions" and "Motels".

    The content of Messages can be improved by adding coded symbols at key points. The character string <b> causes the following text to be displayed in bold and </b> ends the bold setting and reverts the display to regular font.

    As with all changes recorded in TDM, use the Save Sanction Form to save the changes recorded on your computer to the Internet.

    Here is a link to a 2014 Category II National that has followed this approach.

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