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Special Recognition for 2012 Achievement

  • While there but a single Grand Slam in 2012 (Wesley Cash & Mark Vines in 55 doubles), several other players compiled noteworthy records. Following are players who won three Gold Balls:

    Oren Motevassel (45 singles)

    Michael Tammen (50 singles)

    Mark Vines (55 singles) & the World Individual Championship

    Tom Smith (60 singles)

    Brian Cheney (65 singles)

    Tony Franco (85 singles)

    George McCabe/John Powless (80 doubles)

    Tony Franco/Graydon Nichols (85 doubles)

    Our USA teams in the 60, 65, 75 & 80 age divisions captured World Team Championships and World Individual Championships were won by the following:

    Jeff Tarango (40 singles)

    Rick Leach/Mickey Maule (40 doubles)

    Jeff Greenwald (45 singles)

    Val Wilder (50 singles & Mike Fedderly/Val Wilder (50 doubles)

    Mark Vines (55 singles)

    Ross Persons/Daniel Waldman (55 doubles)

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