2005 Category I National Results

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  • Indian Wells CA, November 7-13 (55 Hard)

    In the year's final national men's supersenior championship, Larry Turville again won both gold balls ― repeating his two-victory triumph in 2004. Turville partnered again by Neal Newman defeated Dan Bohannon & Peter Bronson in the semis (score not reported) before besting Brian Cheney & Thomas Connell in the final 6-4,6-3. Cheney & Connell had blasted Padg Bolton & Steven Cornell 6-1,6-0 in their semi.

    In singles, top seed Turville cruised into the semis where he bested Padg Bolton 6-4,3-6,6-2 before besting no. 2 seed Brian Cheney in the final 6-4,6-4. In the other semi, Cheney was leading doubles partner Thomas Connell 5-2 when Connell retired due to injury.

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  • Duluth GA, October 9-16 (60 Clay)

    Richard Johnson defeated doubles partner David Nash 7-6(2),4-6,6-1 to win the 60 singles and the Johnson & Nash team prevailed in the doubles. No. 5 seed Johnson had bested top seed Jimmy Parker in the semis 7-5,2-6,6-1 while no. 6 Nash had defeated Terry Ehlers 6-1,6-2.

    Dean Corley & Michael Stewart had defeated Bailey Brown & Leland Housman 6-0,7-6(5) in the semis but were unable to play the final which thus went to Johnson & Nash by walkover.
    Johnson & Nash had bested Fred Drilling & G.K. Wincup 2-6,7-6(1),6-1 in the semis. The team of Brown & Housman had a notable victory over top seeds Parker & Ken Robinson 6-3,6-2 in the quarters.

    Oddly, there were no close three-set matches in the semis or finals as the final set score of all three was 6-1.

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  • Duluth GA, October 2-9 (55 Clay)

    Larry Turville doubled up by winning the 55 singles and then partnering with Neal Newman to win the doubles. Top seed Turville bested No. 4 Brian Cheney 6-7(6),6-4,6-2 in the semis and then defeated Joe Bouquin in the final 6-2,6-3. Bouquin had ousted Armistead Nealy 6-4,7-5 in his semi.

    The Newman & Turville team had convincing wins over Padg Bolton & Steven Cornell 6-2,6-2 in the semis and then over Cheney & Neely 6-2,6-3 in the final. Cheney & Neely had bested Jon Hainline & Brian Marcus in the semis 6-3,6-4.

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  • Arlington VA, September 19-25 (75 & 80 Clay)

    Lorne Main and Fred Kovaleski continued their winning ways by doubling up in the 75s and 80s respectively. Neither man lost a set in either singles or doubles and Main lost a total of only 5 games in 6 singles matches!

    In the 75 singles top seed Main defeated no. 4 Russell Seymour 6-1,6-2 in the semis and then continued his domination with a 6-1,6-0 win over no. 5 Joe Russell in the finals. Russell had bested Mel Lewis 6-2,6-1 in the semis. In the 75 doubles the team of Main & Dick Devoe demonstrated that their win on grass the previous week was no fluke by besting Joe Beeson & Jerry Pope 6-3,6-3 in the semis and then winning over Clem Hopp & Seymour also by 6-3,6-3. Hopp & Seymour had defeated Bill King & Jan Lindstedt 6-1,6-3 in the semis.

    The 80 singles was, once again, dominated by top seed Fred Kovaleski who trimmed no. 3 Graydon Nichols 6-3,6-0 in the semis and no. 2 Tony Franco in the final 6-2,6-2. Franco had bested Newt Meade 6-2,6-2. In the 80 doubles Kovaleski & Graydon Nichols repeated their win in the 80s grass by defeating Jim Mackey & Newt Meade 6-2,6-2 before dispatching (once again) Paul Roberts & Lee Smith 6-1,6-1 in the final. Roberts & Smith had edged out Towson Ellis & Neville Halligan 6-3,6-7(4),7-5 in the semis.

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  • Philadelphia PA, September 12-17 (70 Grass)

    Gordon Davis prevailed once more in the 70 singles as did the team of Len Lindborg & Jim Nelson in the doubles. Davis had defeated Courtney Henderson 6-4,6-2 before winning over Jim Landin 6-1,7-6(7). Henderson had defeated Bob Jensen 6-2,6-3 as Jensen had won by walkover in the quarters over King Van Nostrand. Lindborg & Nelson had a semi-final win over Henderson & Karl Kamrath 6-1,6-2 before besting Bill Hyde & Landin 6-3,6-3. Hyde & Landin had advanced by walkover over Dick Doss & John Powless.

    It's worth noting that Len Lindborg & Jim Nelson completed a doubles grand slam in the 70s by winning all four national championships. Congratulations to them!

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  • Lawrence NY, September 12-17 (55 & 60 Grass)

    Larry Turville upset top seed Bob Litwin 7-6(4),4-6,6-2 to win the 55 singles while Jim Parker bested Ken Robinson 6-3,6-1 to win the 60s. Turville had bested Padg Bolton 5-7,6-4,6-3 while Litwin just managed to defeat Brian Cheney 4-6,6-1,7-6(5). Meanwhile, Parker defeated Ted Hoehn 6-2,6-0 while Robinson had won over Colin Robertson 6-3,6-4.

    Top seeds Cheney & Litwin won the 55 doubles by besting Bolton & Steven Cornell 6-1,6-2 before defeating Neal Newman & Turville 6-0,5-7,6-2. Newman & Turville had bested Doug Barrow & Bruce Elber 6-3,3-6,6-1. In the 60 doubles the no. 1 team of Parker & Robinson bested Fred Drilling & Hoehn in the semis and then Dean Corley & Michael Stewart 6-3,6-0. Corley & Stewart had bested Robert Gargiula & Alan Schreiber 6-4,3-6,6-1.

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  • South Orange NJ, September 11-17 (75 & 80 Grass)

    Lorne Main and Fred Kovaleski won singles titles at Orange Lawn in the 75s and 80s. Main defeated Joe Beeson 6-2,6-0 and followed by besting Joe Russell 6-1,6-1 in the final. Russell stood at 6-7(20!),2-1 in his semi-final match before Chuck Devoe retired due to extreme fatigue (one hour to get to 6-all plus 40 minutes for the tiebreak!). Meanwhile, Kovaleski won over Graydon Nichols 6-2,7-5 in the semis and then by 6-3,6-0 over Tony Franco in the final. Franco had bested Bob Meyerdierks 6-3,5-7,6-4.

    Main and Kovaleski doubled up in their respective divisions.
    Main & Dick Devoe defeated second seeds Hippenstiel & Russell 6-1,7-6 before meeting top seeded Bill Davis & (brother) Chuck Devoe in the final.
    Main & Devoe won the first set 7-6 before, once again, Chuck had to retire ― this time to injury. Kovaleski & Nichols resumed their successful partnership from the 75s by comfortably beating Meyerdierks & Bill Tully 6-1,6-3 and then Paul Roberts & Lee Smith 6-1,6-0.
    Roberts & Smith had defeated Hastings Griffin & Newt Meade 6-4,6-2.

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  • Rumson NJ, September 6-11 (65 Grass)

    Rudy rules.
    Rudy Hernando doubled up in singles and doubles ― both in finals over George Sarantos.
    Hernando defeated Sarantos 6-7(5),6-1,6-1 in the singles and teamed with Don Biedinger to defeat Sarantos & Henry Leichtfried 6-2,6-4.

    In semi-final singles action Sarantos won over Lou Monte 7-6(5),6-2 while Hernando defeated Bill Cover 6-3,6-1.
    In the doubles semis Biedinger & Hernando bested John Asaka & Ray Bellamy 7-6(5),6-2 while Sarantos & Leichtfried won over Bob Duesler & Jerry Edgar 6-3,6-4.
    Humor was in evidence as players kidded George Sarantos about being relegated to Court No. 5 by the groundskeeper to limit damage to the courts.

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  • Pinehurst NC, September 5-11 (70, 85 & 90 Clay)

    Gordon Davis, Bob Sherman and David Carey won singles titles and the teams of Len Lindborg & Jim Nelson, Marvin Henderson & Bill Kuntz and Doug Crary & Bill Lurie all prevailed in doubles.

    In the 70s, Davis defeated Jim Landin in the semis 2-6,6-1,7-6(4) and then Oz Winters in the final 6-1,6-4. Winters had bested Jack Vredevelt 7-6(4),6-3. Lindborg & Nelson bested Bill Hyde & Landin 6-3-6-3 and then won over Dick Doss & John Powless 4-6,6-3,7-5. Doss & Powless had defeated Clyde Barker & Herb Bascome 6-2,6-3.

    In the 85s, Sherman shut out Bill Kuntz in the semis before defeating Henderson 6-0,6-2. Henderson had worked hard to win over Alex Swetka 6-3,6-7(7),6-2. In doubles, Henderson & Kuntz narrowly defeated Irv Converse & Swetka 6-2,2-6,7-6(3) in the semis before romping over Jim Carleton & Ken Hayes 6-2,6-1. Carleton & Hayes had defeated James Chavasse & Wade MacDonald 6-2,7-6(1).

    In 90s action, David Carey dominated Fisher Howe 6-0,6-1 in the semis and then bested Norman Stoll 6-4,6-2 to take the gold ball.; Stoll had advanced to the final when injury prevented top seed Ted Zoob from playing their semi-final match. In the three-team doubles round robin the Crary & Lurie team were leading Carey & Henry Smith 6-7,7-6,2-1 when illness prevented Carey & Smith from continuing. Their good fortune continued when the team of Edward Baumer & Howe were unable to play.

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  • Chestnut Hill MA, August 27 - September 2 (85 & 90 Grass)

    Bob Sherman won Gold Ball no. 100 by taking the 85 singles title. Sherman marched through four matches with the loss of only eight games defeating Marvin Henderson in the final 6-1,6-1 and John Benn before that 6-1, 6-4. Henderson had defeated Ken Hayes 4-6,6-1,7-5. The 85s team of Jim Carleton & Ken Hayes overwhelmed Elliott Atamian & Wang Dong Woo 6-0,6-1 before winning the final over top seeds Henderson & Bill Kuntz 6-3,2-6,6-1. Henderson & Kuntz had defeated Ted Heisler & Dan Miller 6-2,6-1.

    In the 90s, Ted Zoob defeated doubles partner Gardner Mulloy in the singles final 6-4,6-4.
    Zoob had defeated Fisher Howe 6-2,6-2 in the semis while Mulloy had bested George Barta 6-1,6-2.
    Mulloy won yet another gold ball with Zoob over Howe & Sumner Rodman 6-2,6-3. Mulloy & Zoob had defeated Baumer & Crary 6-1,6-3 while Howe & Rodman defeated Barta & Newman 6-3,6-2.

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  • Seattle WA, August 22-27 (60 Indoors)

    Hugh Thomson won by walkover over an injured Jim Parker in the singles final having defeated Leland Housman 7-5,2-6,6-2 in the semis where Parker had won over Charlie Hoeveler 6-3,7-6.

    The team of Parker & Ken Robinson overcame Parker's injury in the doubles by defeating Housman & Jody Rush in the semis 5-7,6-1l,7-6 and then Thomson & Jerry Kirk 2-6,6-2,6-2. Thomson & Kirk defeated Jerome Hirschman & Thomas Nemeskeri Kiss in the semis 7-6,7-6.

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  • San Francisco CA, August 1-7 (65 Indoors)

    Rudy cruises to gold.
    Top seed Rudy Hernando defeated no. 2 Herman Ahlers in the final 6-2,6-4 and lost a total of only seventeen games in five matches as he dominated the 65s Indoors singles.
    Ahlers had defeated George Sarantos in the semis 7-6(4),6-2.
    Joe Bachman, winner of the hard court and clay court singles titles, surprisingly, did not compete.

    Form went out the window in the doubles as the unseeded team of John Asaka & Ray Bellamy marched through the draw with the apparent loss of only one set (the score was mis-reported for their quarter-final match with Gil Howard & Len Saputo). They had a decisive win over the top-seeded team of Henry Leichtfried & George Sarantos 6-3,6-3 in the finals and had defeated Michael Garza & Karl Kamrath in the semis 6-2,6-3. The Leichtfried-Sarantos team, winners at both New Orleans and Irvine, defeated Larry Edgar & Hill Griffin 6-1,6-2 in the semis. Garza-Kamrath had upset the second-seeded team of Don Biedinger & Rudy Hernando in the quarters 2-6,7-6(9),6-4 having saved two match points in the tiebreak.

    The doubles win by Asaka-Bellamy was even more notable when considering that Asaka lost his first round singles match (to Jerry Singer) and Bellamy lost to Hernando badly in the second round after a good first-round win over singles consolation winner Kamrath 7-5,6-1.

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  • Irvine CA, June 20-26 (65 & 70 Hard)

    >No. 2 Joe Bachman upset top seed Rudy Hernando 7-6,6-3 in the finals of the 65s in another strong hard-court performance. Bachman had overcome the loss of a first-set tiebreak to Herman Ahlers in the semis before taking charge 6-7,6-1,6-3. Hernando had lost a total of only fourteen games in his four prior victories − including a semi-final win over Larry Dodge 6-0,6-2.

    In the 70s, top seed Gordon Davis cruised through the field with the loss of only 17 games in five matches. Davis defeated Jim Landin in the semis 6-2,7-5 and Courtney Henderson in the finals 6-4, 6-0. Henderson had won over unseeded Marvin Brown in the semis 6-3,6-2.

    Both doubles events went on form with the top seeds meeting in the finals. In the 65s top seeds Henry Leichtfried & George Sarantos crushed Larry Dodge and Lenny Lindborg in the semis before defeating Hernando & Don Biedinger in the finals 6-1,1-6,6-1 in a third set that was closer than the score indicates. Hernando-Biedinger had defeated Joe Bachmann & Hill Griffin in the semis 7-6,7-5.

    In the 70 doubles, the second-seeded team of Lenny Lindborg & Jim Nelson won a tight final over top seeds Dick Doss & John Powless 3-6,7-5,6-4.
    Lindborg-Nelson won over Herschel Hyde & Jim Landin in the semis 7-6,6-4 while Doss-Powless were defeating Jim Perley & Robert Perry.

    Sadly, none of the third-place playoffs happened as all were recorded as "adult decisions." What is to be done about these bronze balls that top players are so disinterested in? After all, there are those of us those sole tennis goal is bronze!

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  • Rancho Santa Fe CA, May 16-21 (75, 80 & 85 Hard)

    Bob Sherman needed just one week to avenge his Vancouver 85s loss to Marvin Henderson, but it didn't come easily as Sherman had to rally to win 1-6,6-2,6-1. Henderson had won a tight semi-final over second seed Alex Swetka 6-2,7-6.

    Meanwhile Graydon Nichols dominated the 80s by whitewashing an under-the-weather Bob Seymour in the singles final (don't ask) and partnering with Jim Mackey to win the doubles when Seymour & Jerry Joyce retired when trailing 6-4,4-3. Joyce-Seymour survived a close match in the semis over Paul Roberts & Lee Smith 6-7,7-6,6-2.

    In the 85 doubles, the unseeded team of Jim Carleton & Ken Hayes repeated their Vancouver win by dominating the top-seeded team of Bob Mix & Alex Swetka 6-0,6-1.

    Just as Graydon Nichols dominated the 80s, Chuck Devoe won two gold balls in the 75s by defeating Mel Lewis in the singles 6-4,6-1 and pairing with Gerry Thomas to defeat the team of Wayne Hippenstiel & Joe Russell 6-3,6-3. Thomas also had a singles win over the top-seeded Russell in the quarters 6-3,6-3 before losing to Lewis in the semis 6-4,6-3.

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  • Vancouver WA, May 10-14 (80, 85 & 90 Indoors)

    The big story is Marvin Henderson's semi-final win over Bob Sherman in the 85 singles 6-3,6-4. Henderson, unseeded, proceeded to edge Alex Swetka in the finals 4-6,6-0,7-6(4). In the 80s, second seed Vince Fotre defeated top seed Jerry Joyce 6-4,4-6,6-3 while form went out the window in the 90s as John Deurwaarder defeated top seed Bill Lurie in the semis 6-0,7-5 while Tracy Strong won over second seed Doug Crary 3-6,6-0,6-2. In the final, Strong won over Deurwaarder 6-4,3-6,6-3. Both players were unseeded.

    In the 80 doubles, the unseeded team of Paul Roberts & Lee Smith won over top seeds Fotre & Fran Bushman in the semis 6-3,6-3 before losing to Jerry Joyce & Towson Ellis in the finals 7-5,6-1.

    In the 85 doubles, the unseeded team of Jim Carleton & Ken Hayes defeated top seeds Bob Mix & Alex Swetka 6-3,6-2.

    The only match in the 90 doubles went to Tracy Strong & Charles Hurme who won easily over Crary-Lurie 6-2,6-0.

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  • >Boise ID, May 3-7 (55 Indoors)

    Form held in the 55 singles until the semis where #4 Thomas Connell upset top seed Peter Bronson 4-6,6-3,6-4 while #3 Peter Bolton defeated #2 Steven Cornell. Connell (not Cornell) prevailed over doubles partner Bolton in the final 6-4,6-4.

    Connell doubled up by taking the doubles final with Bronson in a walkover over Bolton and Cornell. Bronson-Connell had come from behind in the semis to defeat Gewan Majaraj & Dar Walters 6-7,6-3,6-4 while Bolton-Cornell won comfortably over Roger Kahn & Michael Walters 6-2,6-4.

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  • Houston TX, April 25 - May 1 (70 & 75 Indoors)

    Russell Seymour cruised to victory in his first 75 event while Gordon Davis needed three sets to defeat Buddy Lomax 6-1,4-6,6-3 in the 70 semis and two tough sets to overcome Neil Hurlbut 7-6(4), 6-4 in the finals. Hurlbut edged out Jim Perley in the semis 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-2. Perley prevailed in the quarters over Jim Landin 6-7(4), 7-6(4), 6-1 after facing elimination when Landin served for the match at 5-4 in the second set. Top 75 seed Jason Morton, apparently fatigued, fell early to Mel Lewis by 7-6(4), 6-4.

    In the 70 doubles, second seeds Len Lindborg & Jim Nelson had a convincing final win over top seeds Courtney Henderson & Neil Hurlbut after overcoming a first-set loss in the semis to Herschel Hyde & Jim Landin.

    In the 75 doubles the team of Bill Davis & Chuck Devoe won the gold ball with three convincing wins including the final over Jason Morton & Russell Seymour by 6-1,6-1.

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  • New Orleans LA, April 11-17 (65 Clay)

    Achilles problems prevented Rudy Hernando from playing both the singles and doubles final thereby handing a gold ball to Joe Bachman. Bachman, who lost a total of only five games in his first four matches, defeated George Sarantos 6-4, 6-4 in one semi. Meanwhile, Hernando also cruised through the first four rounds before being taken to three sets by Bill Cover.

    The team of Henry Leichtfried & George Sarantos, who lost a first-set tiebreak in the semis to Thomas Brunkow & Richard Ogden before winning the last two sets easily, had a final walkover over Hernando & Don Biedinger. Hernando-Biedinger had three set wins over Michael Garza & Lou Monte and Don Frilot & Hill Griffin before defaulting in the final.

    Hernando resumed tournament play after a month of rehabilitation.

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  • Campbell's Mission Hills CA, April 4-10 (60 & 90 Hard)

    In this oddest of pairings (60s & 90s!), form largely held in the 60s draws until the singles final where third seed Hugh Thomson edged out number one Jim Parker 6-3,3-6,7-6. Thomson had defeated no. 2 seed Leland Housman in the semis 7-5,6-4 while Parker won over no. 5 Michael Stewart 6-4,1-6,6-1. Meanwhile the top seeded doubles team of Jim Parker & Ken Robinson defeated Lenny Lindborg & George Sarantos in the semis 4-6,6-1,6-4 and then won over Thomson & Jerry Kirk in the finals 6-3,7-5. Thomson-Kirk had defeated the unseeded team of Chris Bowen & Gunder Olafson in the semis 6-1,6-1.

    In the 90s final, top seed Ted Zoob had too much in the tank for unseeded David Casey 3-6,6-4,6-0. Zoob had whipped Wolfgang Marcuse in the semis 6-2,6-0 while Casey had won over second seeded Bill Rogers 6-3,7-5. The team of David Carey & Tracy Strong emerged undefeated from the four-team round robin doubles to take the gold. They won three setters over Marcuse-Zoob 4-6,7-6,6-0 and Rogers-Edward Baumer 3-6,6-2,6-2.

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