Special Recognition for 2011 Achievement

Mario Tabares (Men's 45s) was the only player to win four national championships.

Congratulations to the following players who won three of four:

Men's 70d:  Bob Anderman & Tom Brunkow

Men's 75s:  Herman Ahlers (whose perfect 20-0 record was spoiled by a loss in the year's final final)

Men's 75d:  Bob Duesler & Jim Nelson

Men's 80d:  George McCabe

Men's 90s:  Bob Sherman

The Senior World Championships scheduled to be played in New Zealand in February were largely cancelled due to earthquakes.  The 40 and 55 team championships were completed but without a win by a U.S. team.

Congratulations to winners of the SuperSenior World Team Championships:

Men's 60:  Brian Cheney, Tony Dawson, Larry Turville, Paul Wulf.

Men's 65:  Charles Hoeveler, David Nash, Jimmy Parker, Hugh Thomson

Men's 75:  Herman Ahlers, John Powless, Lester Sack, King Van Nostrand

Men's 80:  Jack Bradshaw, Mel Lewis, George McCabe, Russell Seymour

Congratulations to winners of the SuperSenior World Individual Championships:

Men's 60d:  Jimmy Parker & Hugh Thomson

Men's 75s & 75d:  King Van Nostrand

Men's 80d:  George McCabe & Russell Seymour

2011 Major Championship Results

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