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Contact the Adult Competition Committee

     Adult Competition Committee

    Send an email to the Chair of and Staff Liaison to the Adult Competition Committee

    If using a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) for email, right click on the above link, choose "Copy email address" and paste it (Ctrl-V) into the To field of your message.

    The USTA no longer publishes addresses of individual committee members. For reference, the committee members are:



    Baill, Jeffrey Member
    Claar, Tim Member
    Clay, Carol Member
    Cornell, Steven Member
    Costamagna, Christine Chair
    Gleason, Alyssa Member
    Henders, Robin Member
    Johnson, Kelly Member
    Johnson, Gerald Member
    Kimball, Mas Member
    Knarr, Ryan John Member
    Lecero, Guillermo "Bill" Member
    McWilliams, Dennis Member
    Meadows, James (Dart) Member
    Messing, Marla Member
    Nagel, Bruce Member
    Norman, Andrea Member
    Rahman, Aftabur Member
    Sprague, Todd Member
    Vandegrift, Michael Vice Chair
    Gorden, Robert Staff
    Sequera-Huss, Milagros Staff
    Wallen, Joanne Staff

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