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    Hats off to the USTA staff for upgrading the June 21-24 Clem Easton tournament (East Longmeadow MA) to Cat II status. Their adept move makes up for the unforeseen cancellations of the Morristown (May 7-11) and West Haven (May 17-20) Cat II's. This applies to 2018 only as Morristown and West Haven are expected back on the schedule in 2019.

    Hoorah! A date for the 75 & 80 Clay Nationals (Virginia Beach VA) has at last been found (to avoid a conflict with the World Championships). The link is available on the Cat I and Mid-Atlantic schedules.

    World Teams
    Div USA Team Members
      Ulm/Neu-Ulm Germany, Aug 12-18
    50 Willie Alumbaugh, Eoin Collins (C), Tim Kullick, Fredrik Skoglund
    55 Bill Moss, Stuart Saiki, Michael Tammen (C), Ken White
    60 Maxime Buyckx, Wesley Cash, Ross Persons (C), Mark Vines
      Umag Croatia, Sep 16-22
    65 David Sivertson, Tom Smith, Leonard Wofford, Paul Wulf (C)
    70 Brent Abel, Les Buck, Geoffrey Moore, Jody Rush (C)
    75 Fred Drilling, Don Long, Jimmy Parker (C), Michael Stewart
    80 Lloyd Goldwater, JB Hayes, Lester Sack (C), Kaz Saito
    85 George McCabe (C), Chuck Nelson, Joe Russell, Saul Snyder

2018 Major Championship Results

2018 Category I Champions

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