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About SuperSenior.info

  • SuperSenior.info was created by and is maintained by Alan Messer — a longtime tennis player, official and administrator whose accomplishments include:

    Served as an umpire at the US Open from 1970-1986 and was the chair umpire for the Men’s Doubles final in 1978;

    Founded New Jersey Tennis Officials that serviced top-level professional tournaments in Northern New Jersey throughout much of the 1980s;

    Certified by the Men’s International Pro Tennis Council as one of about 200 referees/chair umpires;

    Served as Tournament Director for the USTA Men’s 75 & 80 Grass Court Championships from 2000 through 2004;

    Served as referee for a Morristown NJ Category II tournament from 1999 through 2014;

    Served for 3 years as Circuit Chairman for the Men’s 75 division and then for 6 years for the Men's 70's;

    Active senior tournament player ranked #1 in the Midwest and #13 Nationally in 2014.

    In his professional life Messer founded (and ultimately sold) a company that became the largest supplier of hospice software in the country.  In years past Messer was an expert bridge player who won one national tournament and numerous regional tournaments as partner and teammate with many hall-of-famers.

    Click here to view a humorous summary of Messer's first 75 years.

Contact Webmaster Alan Messer

  • Mail:  7302 Eleanor Circle, Sarasota FL 34243



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