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    Click here for the Florida Grand Prix point standings thru Feb. 17.

    Click here to apply soon (March 1 deadline) for the August 12-18, 2018 ITF Seniors (50, 55, 60) Teams Championships to be held in Ulm, Germany.

    How did this happen department  ̶  now fixed. The Father-Daughter dates have been changed to June 8-10 to avoid a collision with the Father-Son (June 1-3)  ̶  about a two-hour drive apart! Dads can consider it an early Fathers' Day (June 17) gift. Cheers!

    Subscriber Ralph Grieco takes hundreds of photos each year at a dozen or more tournaments  ̶  and I'm delighted to link to most of them in the Cat I & II results below. Click here to brouse (or purchase) some of Ralph's work.

    Department of old editorials. Beginning doubles play on day one hasn't caught on  ̶  despite the travel benefits offered for destination tournaments (like Cat I's & II's). Players like to play, day one byes are common, and it's much much easier to re-schedule an end-of-tournament flight home. Tournament Directors could (should?) encourage players to register without a partner (with refunds given, of course). Then there's the defribillators vs. the paid "physiotherapist/athletic trainer" issue (as the ITF would have required had the committee given ceded our tournaments to them in 2010-2011).

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