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  • Significant changes to the USTA website on or about March 1 have broken the links to Cat I Historical Winners (Archives menu) and PPR Table (Players menu). Casual searches of the new site haven't turned up replacements so I'll be talking to USTA staffers in an attempt to repair their apparent oversight.

  • Click here to see a nearly reliably accurate version of the PPR table.  (The Cat II awards for 3rd and for 5th through 8th may be 252 and 128, respectively; s the other listed awards are correct.)

  • Click here for the Florida Grand Prix point standings. Click here for the final Broken Sound east-coast tournament of the Grand Prix season.

  • Elite players interested in competing in the World Championships can click here for guidelines, etc.

2017 Major Championship Results

2017 Category I Champions

2017 Cat I & World Championship Results

2017 Category II Winners

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