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     What's going on department. Approvals of national tournaments (Family + Cat I & II) are crawling at a pace never before seen. A single Cat II was approved during the week ending Jan 12 and overall 39/76 (more than half) remain unapproved. Incomprehensible.

    Update! About a dozen national sanctions were approved on Tuesday, January 16.

    Worth mentioning department: the Indoor Cat I in Cincinnati July 26-30 will include five (5!) age divisions.

    Congratulations (again) to longtime innovator/agitator Steve Solomon for his contributions to senior tennis. Click here for the article & video.

    Here's the future of tennis rankings: the stronger the opponent you've just whipped, the more your own rating would improve. That's the sensible idea behind Universal Tennis Rating   ̶  a ranking system already in use for juniors and collegians.

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