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 Ad-hoc Committee Survey Results

    Click here for the results of a survey emailed to more than 3,200 players (with responses from 533 men & 423 women) and here for a compilation of the written responses to some of the questions.

    The survey is the product of an exploratory committee composed mainly of officers of the NSWTA (National Senior Women's Tennis Association) augmented by a few men. Apparently out of concern for possible USTA adoption of 4-game sets, one of its senior members wrote:

    "Certainly one option (and the easiest one) is to do nothing and follow the USTA wherever 'change' leads us.  The danger with that is that when they take it too far and make the game too easy many current tournament players will leave the game for something more challenging.  Another option might be to start a small circuit to begin with of a few of the stronger tournaments with a good draw of amenities and/or prize money.  These tournaments would not bid for 2016 USTA sanctions but instead be under the umbrella of NSWTA (and corresponding men's organization) championships. A circuit could eventually be built from this small start.  USTA would still hold gold ball events for those interested and select international teams from tournaments on their calendar."

    Instead of a parallel circuit, wouldn't convincing the USTA to help existing tournaments by way of a (relatively inexpensive) marketing effort to the approximately 300,000 NTRP league players do the trick?

    Agree with my marketing prescription? Email the Adult/Senior Competition Committee.

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