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2013 Category I Champions

  • Indoor Tournaments
    AgeSingles WinnersDoubles Winners
    35Guillaume Gauthier Gauthier/Meineke
    40Graeme Cox Grover/Hernandez
    45Arthur Hernandez Alumbaugh/Nadebaum
    50Michael Tammen Tammen/White
    55Michael Tammen Cash/Tammen
    60Goeff Cykman Cykman/Landauer
    65Brian CheneyDan Bohannon/Cheney
    70Jimmy Parker Parker/Robinson
    75Fred Farzanegan Anderson/Griffin
    80Joe Russell Doss/Powless
    85Lou WickHopp/Wick
    90Don Tobey McGovern/Tyler

  • Hard Court Tournaments
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Kent Wright Gauthier/Meineke
    40Tony Bujan Bahrens/Tarango
    45Jeff Tarango Oliver/Tarango
    50Mike Fedderly Fedderly/Woolridge
    55John PickenCash/Vines
    60Tony DawsonDawson/Smith
    65Brian Cheney Bohannon/Cheney
    70Jimmy Parker CorleyStewart
    75Herman Ahlers Leichtfried/Lindborg
    80Roger Hing Doss/Powless
    85Clem HoppFranco/Nichols
    90Bob Seymour Brown/Halligan

  • Grass Court Tournaments
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Michael Halperin Gauthier/Jacobs
    40Rick WitskenHarrison/Parker
    45Garry Nadebaum Alumbaugh/Nadebaum
    50Michael TammenElly/White
    55Peter MarkesCash/Tammen
    60Geoff CykmanHarrison/Smith
    65Bob Litwin Hoeveler/Litwin
    70Jimmy Parker Corley/Stewart
     75Herman Ahlers Duesler/Gill
     80John Powless Doss/Powless
    85Tony Franco Franco/Nichols
    90Henry Tiberio Parson/Tiberio

  • Clay Court Tournaments
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Paulo BarrosMoenter/Zaatini
    40Paul Mancini Enochs/O'Connell
    45Mario TabaresPermut/Tabares
    50Andrew Stoner Fedderly/Stoner
    55Wesley CashCash/Vines
    60Mark Meyers Dawson/Smith
    65Brian Cheney Cheney/Neely
    70Jimmy Parker Corley/Stewart
    75Lester Sack Duesler/Lindborg
    80George McCabe Doss/Powless
    85Clem Hopp Mackey/Meyerdierks
    90Bob Shermannot competed

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