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2018 Category II Winners

  • St. Petersburg FL, Feb 26 - Mar 4
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    55Erik Luxembourg Baxter/Welch
    60Ken Koelling Koelling/Shepherd
    65Fred Robinson Landauer/Smith
    70Larry Back Anderson/Cunningham
    75Joe Bachmann Irvine/Jonsson
    80Kaz Saito McCabe/Winegar
    85George McCabe 
    90Fred Sarkis  

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  • Naples FL, Jan 22 - 28
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    55Erik Luxembourg Cannon/Clark
    60Mark Vines Cash/Vines
    65Mark Meyers Landauer/Smith
    70Larry Back Barnes/Bill
    75Don Long Irvine/Jonsson
    80Kaz Saito Hayes/Sanders
    85Marvin Lazarowitz 
    90Tio Campanile 

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  • Rancho Mirage CA, Jan 20-28
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Caerwyn Evans Mareschal/Tyrell
    40Stuart Duncan Bax/Uyema
    45Leon Bax Grover/Hernandez
    50Oren Motevassel Alumbaugh/Skoglund
    55Mike Fedderly Porte/Schlack
    60Michael Tammen Berg/Ditmer
    65Geoff Cykman Wofford/Wulf
    70Brent Abel Buck/Dahl
    75Jimmy Parker Corley/Stewart
    80Art Wahl Duesler/Nelson
    85Joe Russell Hing/Snyder

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