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2017 Category I Champions

  • Indoor Tournaments
    AgeSingles WinnersDoubles Winners
    35Matthew Hane Blankenbaker/Hane
    40Christopher Groer Grover/Hernandez
    45Tim Kullick Grover/Hernandez
    50Oren Motevassel Leach/Varma
    55Ken White Tammen/White
    60Mark Vines Cash/Vines
    65David Sivertson Landauer/Smith
    70Kenneth Dahl Cheney/Parker
    75Leland Housman Bachmann/Barbic
    80Herman Ahlers Hayes/Sanders
    85Joe Russell Christensen/Wick
    90Tom Selstad not held

  • Hard Court Tournaments
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Paul Goode Goode/Polasek
    40Jeff Greenwald Grover/Hermandez
    45Roberto Rodriguez Leach/Sack
    50Oren Motevassel Crow/Hinkel
    55Michael TammenFedderly/Tammen
    60Mark Vines Berg/Ditmer
    65Leonard Wofford Wofford/Wulf
    70Kenneth Dahl Dahl/Rush
    75Leland Housman Drilling/Fried
    80Lloyd Goldwater Lindborg/Robinson
    85Saul Snyder Hing/Snyder
    90Arnold Pompan Nyhan/Pompan

  • Grass Court Tournaments
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Matthew Hane Blankenbaker/Hane
    40David McNamara Pastel/Schroerlucke
    45Eoin Collins Ferreira/Marshall
    50Richard Schmidt Nadebaum/Stoner
    55Michael Tammen Hessler/Tyrell
    60Maxime Buyckx Cash/Vines
    60*Maurice Hunter Berg/Ditmer
    65Tom Smith Smith/Wulf
    70Jimmy Parker Corley/Dahl
     75Fred Drilling Drilling/Stewart
     80JB Hayes Hayes/Nichol
    85George McCabe Claffey/McCabe
    90Tony Franco Martinetti/Selstad

    *Yearend Masters Invitational

  • Clay Court Tournaments
    Age Singles Winners Doubles Winners
    35Paul GoodeMoenter/Millet
    40David McNamara Lindsey/Sceney
    45Carlos Gomez-Diaz Gomez-Diaz/Tabares
    50Oren MotevasselAlumbaugh/Skoglund
    55Stuart SaikiFedderly/Tammen
    60Maxime Buyckx Kearney/Petrovic
    65 Andrew RaeGrossman/Rae
    70Jimmy Parker Buck/Moore
    75Fred Drilling Hagelshaw/Lunsford
    80Lester Sack Hayes/Nichol
    85George McCabe Hopp/McCabe
    90Tio Campanile Bricker/Campanile

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